Sitemap - 2023 - Salmon Theory

🍣 Salmon Theory #319: Flow can be more important than rules

🍣 Salmon Theory #318: Friction, Panic, Performance, Social, Fundamentals

🍣 Salmon Theory #317: Respectful men, John Lewis, mass vs internet media, and +++

🍣 β€œIn times of change, learners inherit the earth.”

🍣 Cheap games yield cheap results

🍣 Six months or 30 years

🍣 Social is like stand-up

🍣 Be like Nike, except maybe not

🍣 Are you a plannersplainer?

🍣 Simplicity is professional life or death

🍣 Tactical comms are a joke

🍣 Company culture, tactics, 'reactive' brands

🍣 Feynman, funerals, learning to dance

🍣 Play, performance, ChatGPT

🍣 Magazines; centres of gravity; jamais vu; +++

🍣 Not a genius, just a clever borrower

🍣 Inclusive briefs; fresh consistency; strategy muscles; +++

🍣 Simplicity wins; bad case studies; depression as the curse of the strong

🍣 Start at the bottom

🍣 F*cking around, fear, (re)framing pride

🍣 Nature vs nurture; what type of dinosaur are you; the real lesson from Duolingo's socials; how to evaluate values; the problem of shame; a proper planning mantra; +++

🍣 Writing tips; gaming tactics; social as sitcoms; positive politics; the problem with sales; +++

🍣 Words; failure; velocity; paradoxes; fame+++

🍣 Awareness briefs, meme insights, effectiveness stories

🍣 It's ok to not know

🍣 Change theory before reality

🍣 Which rituals are your own?

🍣 13 things worth asking in a creative review

🍣 Don't try writing, try texting

🍣 Find a borrowing system

🍣 Strategy thrives on shots

🍣 Pros tell you what to avoid

🍣 Why Salmon Theory is going (mostly) paid

🍣 Collect as many mirrors as you can

🍣 Don't waste your presentation

🍣 Demons hate fresh air

🍣 Don't make the same mistakes

🍣 7 ways for junior planners to add value

🍣 You're allowed to suck

🍣 Abnormality is a distinctive asset

🍣 You threadin' lightly or what?

🍣 Three ideas you may have missed

🍣 There are two types of advice

🍣 Your problem statement needs this

🍣 The ad industry is a joke

🍣 β€œConfidence is successful repetition of any endeavour.”

🍣 Your gut is glorious

🍣 Three timeless truths in social

🍣 Is Cannes good for our mental health?

🍣 Your thoughts are faulty advisors

🍣 u jealous brah?

🍣 How to play like yourself

🍣 Tenderness takes time

🍣 10 tips to work more effectively with planners

🍣 Are you a teacher or a librarian?

🍣 Is it love, or fun?

🍣 You don't have to constantly grind

🍣 The plan was genius, until it began

πŸ”ͺ 🍣 Sharp links: Impostor syndrome, creative writing, hopepunks, AI art workflows, and +++

🍣 Know thy roots, oh people pleaser

🍣 Anxiety is not a monster, it's a dragon

🍣 High performers elevate others

🍣 Your intelligence is one form of intelligence

🍣 Explore, then exploit

🍣 Leadership, AI training humans, fame by doing vs saying, bonkers benefits, and ++

🍣 Loaning people strength is for winners

🍣 Most thoughtful thing you saw this week?

🍣 Great ideas sell themselves

🍣 Play is the work of the planner

🍣 Direct in message, kind in delivery

🍣 don't believe everything you think

🍣 The people you need to impress

🍣 history, hugs and... internet sashimi?

🍣 meaning, power and responsibility

🍣 risk feeds the (company's) soul

🍣 what people need to feel, not be told

🍣 push, pull and puns

🍣 dramatise don't just describe

🍣 social thumbnails are like copy headlines

🍣 a kind of mind grind

🍣 social as synchronised swimming

🍣 anger is a unit of energy

🍣 better beats best

🍣 do be such a baby

🍣 planning in the fog

🍣 AI will not replace you

🍣 research is respect

🍣 smart, yet practical

🍣 seeding not smashing

🍣 zoom out to zen

🍣 your audience is yourself

🍣 story over aesthetics

🍣 which urges stick around?