Sitemap - 2022 - Salmon Theory

education is the environment

don't be scared, get scrappy

ignorance signals importance

how to be more Nebraska

🍣 superiority vibes are not the one

🍣 rough guidelines, not rules

🍣 not knowing is the interesting part

🍣 comparing suffering only compounds it

🍣 if the soil ain't ready, the seed ain't gonna work

🍣 aim for love over being right

🍣 12 weird little rules

🍣 you get to do it again tomorrow

🍣 be cynic or be useful

🍣 different by default

🍣 grand designs emerge

🍣 what parenting teaches planning

🍣 stupid comes before smart

🍣 good enough strat ships

🍣 adding to, vs fitting in

🍣 your weirdness is beautiful

🍣 punch, then linger

🍣 meaning through mess

🍣 read around your thing, not within it

🍣 beauty is in the distance

🍣 a slow burn travels farther

🍣 good enough, just not ready yet

🍣 13 quick quips on effectiveness

🍣 know what is, before what could be

🍣 calamity as a content strategy

🍣 maximising creativity > maintaining control

🍣 hurt and human insight

🍣 compassion + consistency = craft

🍣 everything is ammo

🍣 when mess meets metaphor

🍣 make the unconscious conscious

🍣 inner work before outer words

🍣 posters and prototypes

🍣 every worry is a gift

🍣 without hesitation

🍣 in case of doubt, walk about

🍣 your slides are aides, not masters

🍣 solve a problem, or create ten more

🍣 you find out things as you go along

🍣 frameworks are rituals, not life

🍣 less Socrates, more Sopranos

🍣 optimism is broccoli

💥 optimise for impact, not immediacy

love, death and recovering fast

there are two types of ambition

novels and planning are like banana bread

struggles are where stories live

so you think you're smart

binary equals bullying

are you fast-paced or just chaotic?

ten cent words = 💰💰💰

mini-freedoms are your friend

plan around power dynamics

relaxed focus

beast mode practices

you can't outsource calm

normal is weird, and vice-versa

grow them, don't just keep them around

all hail strategic polytheism

simple plans travel well

dear certainty: i love you but you're absurd

don't let a dark day go to waste

home is where you stop escaping

is it a toy or is it a tool?

madness needs magic

in two minds right now

Everything is PR, but PR is not everything

Information is like armour